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Logistics Management (SCEP-Student Career Experience Program)

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Where do you work?
Logistics Management Activity (ULA)

How long have you worked for the Corps?
Five months

What is your job (what do you do)?
As a Logistics Management Student, my primary job is to learn all of the logistics management functions which include: Facilities Management, Transportation, Supply and Property Accountability. I assist everyone in our office with special projects with a short suspense. As needed, I serve as a backup with the daily operations whenever someone is out-of-the-office.

Any special moments/memories about your job you'd like to share?
Since our office works with practically everyone at the District, I enjoy moments when people think that I work for other divisions or organizations such as ACE-IT. Spending quality time with everyone in my office is always fun. Korean BBQ is amazing!!

What do you love about your job?
I enjoy the environment that I work in and I love how friendly and helpful everyone is. I also enjoy being the only female in my department!!

How do you support the USACE Campaign Plan? What do you do to make USACE great? (How do you see your job making a difference and contributing to the Corps’ success?)
I assist everyone in our office and all of the District employees in all areas of logistics. Our office is working to automate and streamline some of processes and I will bring the knowledge and skills from school to improve on those processes.