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Employee Labor Relations Counselor

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Where do you work?  I work for the District Office of Counsel, in the headquarters office in Los Angeles.

What is your job title?  I am an Assistant District Counsel, but as I do the labor and employment law for the District, I’m commonly referred to as the Labor Counselor.

How long have you worked for the Corps?  I have been with the Corps for nearly 3 years. 

In your own words, what is your job? What do you do?  I advise supervisors, managers, and command on labor, employment, and personnel issues and employment disputes concerning SPL employees.  I am the Corps’s representative and advocate in employment and labor litigation involving SPL employees.  I also provide these services to other Districts and Divisions, and have conducted fact finding investigations. 

What do you love about your job?  In this job, I interact quite extensively with all levels of management, which provides a great opportunity to resolve matters promptly and efficiently.  I very much enjoy working with the District’s Human Resources, EEO, and Executive Office Staff. 

Any special moments/memories about your job you'd like to share?  The receipt of the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service was a special moment for me.

How do you support the USACE Campaign Plan? What do you do to make USACE great?  I support the USACE Campaign Plan, particularly Goal 4 and its four Objectives, via my support and assistance to supervisors and managers with the personnel issues that arise in a work force the size of the Los Angeles District.  We have many highly educated and trained professionals and technicians in our District, and while they are proficient in their fields of expertise, they often are not experienced in labor and employment issues, and that is where I, along with Human Resources and EEO staff, provide valuable support and assistance. 

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