Information Specific to Filming at Non-Corps-Owned Property / LA River

This information only applies for locations NOT owned by the Corps (i.e., Los Angeles River).


For filming taking place in the Los Angeles River or other non-Corps-owned property, the applicant must independently coordinate with FilmL.A. prior to submitting an application for a filming permit from the Corps. FilmL.A. handles the Corps’ film liaison duties with local communities, including with the police, fire department, etc. FilmL.A. may charge fees for its services. The Corps may also request FilmL.A. to monitor filming, which may be an additional charge to the applicant.


Many agencies dump water into the Los Angeles River. The Corps cannot turn off these flows. The Los Angeles River bottom can be dry one day and wet the next, even during a drought. The Corps suggests you have an alternative dry, non-channel film site in mind, in case of this situation.


The Corps allows filming only on "hard-bottom" (concrete) portions of Corps channels. This is non-negotiable. Provide supply cross streets if you plan to film in a flood channel. FilmL.A. and the Corps have channel ownership maps, if needed.


The Corps is not responsible for scheduling film dates at non-Corps-owned property, such as the Los Angeles River. All scheduling conflicts regarding non-Corps-owned property must be coordinated with FilmL.A. The Corps will not be responsible for scheduling conflicts regarding non-Corps-owned property.


Applicants using the Los Angeles River or other channels may make one date change per permit. Since the Corps does not charge a fee for flood channel permits, multiple requests for date changes cannot be accommodated. Contact Corps staff member Vicki Stephens-Allen (213-452-3398) for date change requests, keeping in mind that the Corps needs sufficient notice to coordinate with staff members.


Applicants must find a legal access to and from their channel film locations. The Corps or FilmL.A. cannot unlock gates. Do not cut chains or locks to gain access. The Sixth Street Bridge is not gated. For the Los Angeles River, the 6th Street Tunnel accesses the west bank, and the Figueroa Ramp accesses the east bank. We have weight limits on our bridge decks and spillways.


The Corps charges NO FEES to film in the Los Angeles River or its other flood channels. FilmL.A. may charge fees (see COORDINATION WITH FILML.A., above).


We do NOT need proof of insurance for L.A. River or other flood channel filming permits. Please do NOT include the Government or Corps as coinsured.