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Real Estate Division

The Real Estate Division supports the mission of the District by planning, coordinating, performing, and advising on all aspects of real property acquisition, management, and disposal as well as operations and maintenance. In addition, Real Estate Division provides technical, GIS, legal advice/support on asset management matters; maintains the Districts real property database(s); provides real property title and valuation services; administers and executes the recruiting facilities programs; plans and executes the District operations and maintenance flood risk management, environmental stewardship, environmental compliance and recreation programs, as well as the facility management functions of the District Baseyard; and supports the District's PMBP and other initiatives.

The Real Estate Division performs a vital role in the District’s engineering and construction missions by acquiring, managing, and disposing of real estate for military installations, civil works projects, and other Federal Agencies.   In addition, the DIvision serves to execute specialized programs, provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners, and performs unique contingency capabilities.

Recruiting Facilities Program / Acquisition

The Los Angeles District manages more than 250 recruiting stations throughout Southern California, Arizona and southern Nevada. Our RFP team manages these Armed Forces Career Centers from "cradle to grave." The team acquires and manages leased facilities for military recruiters, as well as other federal agencies, ensuring they have safe and secure space in which to conduct their business. Our team also administers the Leased Government Housing program to provide affordable housing for military service members assigned to the State of Arizona. 

Installation and IIS Support

The Los Angeles District also conducts real estate business for all branches of the military, including the Army Reserve and the National Guard. There are 13 military installations within the Los Angeles District’s area of responsibility. Our team handles both leases for government offices and for private entities leasing military properties. Our reality specialists handle the lessor/lessee agreements and arrange for contractors to perform work. Our mission provides real estate support services to our Army and Air Force installations, including the management of outgrants, which include easements, licenses, permits, and leases; acquiring interests in real estate, either in fee, easement or by lease; managing jurisdiction issues; and the disposal of excess real property. While the Army is the executive agent for the Formerly Used Defense Sites program, our team is also responsible for certifying the real estate interests in the process of restoring the affected lands to its original condition prior to contamination.