US Army Corps of Engineers
Los Angeles District

Asset Management

The Asset Management Division supports the mission of the District by planning, coordinating, performing, and advising on all aspects of real property acquisition, management, and disposal as well as operations and maintenance. In addition, AM provides technical, GIS, legal advice/support on asset management matters; maintains the Districts real property database(s); provides real property title and valuation services; administers and executes the recruiting facilities programs; plans and executes the District operations and maintenance flood risk management, environmental stewardship, environmental compliance and recreation programs, as well as the facility management functions of the District Baseyard; and supports the District's PMBP and other initiatives.

Operations Branch

The Operations Branch of Asset Management Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of flood risk management projects, including 15 dams and 68 miles of levee and channel across Arizona, Nevada and Southern California.  These projects reduce the risk of flooding for critical infrastructure, transportation corridors, residences and businesses. As part of our responsibility in managing these dams, the Corps has a comprehensive Dam Safety Program that has public safety as its primary objective. USACE dams are routinely inspected and continually evaluated for safety to ensure that they are operated in the manner that they are authorized.  During rain events, Operations Branch staff is deployed to man the dams around the clock.  USACE wishes to caution the public that dam basins may fill up quickly during significant rain events and therefore, alerts and notification systems should be adhered to with a high sense of urgency.  Rain events are most likely to occur during the storm season from October to April of each year.

Because of the Mediterranean climate of the southwestern region, basins behind dams are often dry.  This provides a unique opportunity for open space recreational amenities and other compatible uses to exist behind flood risk management dams.  Playgrounds, ballfields, trails, and picnic areas may be enjoyed by the public as well as the abundant natural resources, which are also managed in part by the Operations Branch.  The Operations Branch annually manages the spread of invasive/exotic non-native vegetation; surveys endangered species; and monitors the natural resources found on project lands.

Civil Works (Real Estate) Branch

The Real Estate Branch of the Asset Management Division performs a vital role in the District’s engineering and construction missions by acquiring, managing, and disposing of real estate for military installations, civil works projects, and other Federal Agencies.   In addition, the Branch serves to execute specialized programs, provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners, and performs unique contingency capabilities.