Redondo Beach Harbor, California

General Information

Redondo Beach - King Harbor is a small craft harbor at the southern end of Santa Monica Bay, about 17 miles southwest of the business center of the City of Los Angeles. It has been an active harbor since the early 1900's when it was a commercial port. After the Port of Los Angeles became fully operational, Redondo Beach - King Harbor became a facility focused on pleasure craft and fishing boats. The harbor extends approximately 4,000 feet along the coast and is roughly 2,000 feet wide at the widest point. The harbor is separated into three basins, two large and one small, with a large entry channel. The harbor services vessels which range from small craft to boats 90 feet in length. The harbor entrance is 600 feet wide, which is adequate for navigation of residential vessels. Harbor waters tend to be congested during periods coincident with harbor access road traffic.  Though protected to a great degree by the north and south breakwaters, during winter storm conditions, the harbor experiences increased wave activity, which in turn, increases the potential for damage to vessels in the entrance and navigation channel.