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Secretary for the Chief of Military Branch

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Where do you work?
Programs and Project Management Division, Los Angeles District

How long have you worked for the Corps?
Seven months

What is your job (what do you do)?
I am the secretary for the Chief of Military Branch. Records manager for the military branch. I schedule appointments based on calendar availability. Maintain travel arrangements for the Chief. Create travel orders and assist with processing travel vouchers. Distribute incoming and outgoing mail correspondences to the appropriate individuals.

What do you love about your job?
Interacting with the different PM's in the branch.

Any special moments/memories about your job you'd like to share?

How do you support the USACE Campaign Plan? What do you do to make USACE great? (How do you see your job making a difference and contributing to the Corps’ success?)
I support the district motto by processing the timekeeping and timesheets are processed by the suspense time. Ensuring all individuals pay will be disbursed to them on the appropriate pay date.