Fact Sheet

Construction - Murrieta Creek, CA

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District
Published April 16, 2023

The project encompasses Murrieta Creek in Riverside, California. Murrieta Creek is a significant tributary to the Santa Margarita River. The project is multi-purpose flood control, environmental restoration, and recreation project along 7.5 miles of Murrieta Creek. The authorized project’s major features include approximately 7 miles of channel improvements, three bridge replacements; a 270-acre detention basin with 163 acres of wetland restoration; and a 49-acre recreation park. The project is designed to protect the 1% flood event for the cities of Temecula and Murrieta. The project is divided into four construction phases.

AUTHORIZATION: Public Law 106-377 Energy and Water Appropriation, 2001, Section 103, Public Law 107-66 Energy and Water Appropriation, 2002.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2023: Carryover funding will be used to complete the Economic Reevaluation Report and Phase 2B design and environmental documentation updates.

FY 2024 PLANNED ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Funds could be used to award the construction contract for Phase 2B, including labor efforts and environmental compliance.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION: The project has a benefit to cost ratio that is below one, therefore, it has not ranked high in budgetary priority. The current estimated project cost is above the section 902 limit and requires a Post Authorization Change Report (PACR) to document changes from the authorized plan. Remaining features include Phase 1A, 2B, 3 and 4. See separate General Investigations Fact Sheet for status of Murrieta Creek General Reevaluation Report (GRR). The Estimate shown in the table above does not include Phases 1A, 3, or 4 which are being reevaluated in the GRR.

As of: 1 Mar 23 CONSTRUCTION

Estimated Federal Cost           $83,627,000
Estimated Non-Federal Cost         $45,030,000
Total Estimated Project Cost        $128,657,000
Allocation thru FY22          $35,794,000

President’s Budget for FY23                          $0
Conference Add for FY23           $8,500,000

Approved IIJA FY23                          $0
Workplan for FY23                          $0
President’s Budget for FY24                          $0
Workplan for FY24                       TBD
Balance to Complete After FY24       $39,333,000


CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Senator Butler and Padilla; Representatives Calvert (CA-41), Issa (CA-48)

Congressional Liaison