Fact Sheet

Construction - Little Colorado River (Winslow), AZ

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District
Published April 17, 2023
Updated: Sept. 18, 2023

The project area includes about 4.3 miles of flood risk reduction levee and improvements located along the Little Colorado River near Winslow, Arizona. Approx. 1,600 structures, including many of the City’s critical public facilities (hospitals, schools, nursing homes, utility infrastructure are located within the 1% Annual Chase of Exceedance ACE, flood plan. Total population at risk is approx..5,000 from the 0.2% ACE event. Project will rebuild sections of Ruby Wash Diversion Levee and of Winslow Levee. Total length of new and reconstructed levees would be approx. 22,570 feet.

AUTHORIZATION: Flood Control Act of 1937; HR 2425 dated 17 May 1994; WRDA 2020 Sec. 401(2)(1).

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2023: Carry over funds will be used to negotiate and sign a Project Agreement and initiate design. Initial work will focus on geotechnical and cultural updates as well as refined hydraulic modeling. 

IIJA ACTIVITIES: Initiate, physically complete and fiscally close out project.

FY 2024 PLANNED ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Planned carry over funds will be used to continue design phase, and to prepare plans and specifications for construction. Completion of plans and specifications are expected to require two and a half years.  An updated total project cost estimate will also be prepared.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION: Typically, Corps of Engineers projects are funded for Design then funded for Construction. This project was funded for both at one time in the FY22 IIJA and FY22 Conference Add. The Chief of Engineers Report was complete December 14, 2018, and the project was authorized in WRDA 2020.

As of: 15 Sep 23 CONSTRUCTION

Estimated Federal Cost         $66,250,000
Estimated Non-Federal Cost         $35,650,000
Total Estimated Project Cost       $101,900,000
Allocation thru FY22         $66,250,000

President’s Budget for FY23                           $0
Conference Add for FY23                           $0
Approved IIJA FY23                           $0
Workplan for FY23                           $0
President's Budget for FY24                           $0
Workplan for FY24                        TBD
Balance to Complete After FY24                           $0

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Senators Kelly and Sinema; Representatives Schweikert (AZ-01), Crane (AZ-02), Gallego (AZ-3), Stanton (AZ-04), Biggs (AZ-05) Grijalva (AZ-07), Lesko (AZ-08), Gosar (AZ-09) 

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