US Army Corps of Engineers
Los Angeles District

USACE Application Plus

Documentation Support and Self-verified Application Submittals Using Application Plus

The Corps' Application Plus software tool generates documentation needed by Corps regulators to help move the permit process forward. The tool accomplishes this by structuring the Corps' process for generating documentation typically completed by Corps regulators into forms, fields, and code as part of a Microsoft Access database application. The tool prompts users for the specific information required for producing each document, processes the inputted data algorithmically, and outputs natural language text into SPL document templates to generate documents needed to complete the permit process. By adding review-ready documents as part of your application package, you can get your permit process off to a head start by reducing the amount of data review and documentation preparation that must be completed by time-limited regulators.

Additionally, Application Plus may serve as an electronic application that allows users to fill out all specific information needed for a complete application and output content into standard Corps application forms (ENG Form 4345 or the PCN Checklist). By verifying that your application is complete up-front, you can help ensure that the Corps' permit processing clock starts as soon as possible, minimizing delays.

Download Application Plus (most users require 32-bit version)

Application Plus (32-bit) - May 2019 version
Application Plus (64-bit) - May 2019 version

Tutorials - Updated 7/30/18

Which documents do I include with my application?

Use the table below to identify which documents to generate using Application Plus. By including one or more of these documents in your application package you can potentially save regulators time and effort required to process your application.

  NWP Verification SAMP LOP Section 10 LOP RGP 63 Verification
 ENG Form 4345  N/A  Always  Always  Always
 PCN Checklist  Always  N/A  N/A  N/A
 Agency Notification (LOP)  N/A  Always  Always  N/A
 Agency Notification (NWP Waiver)  If NWP terms require waiver (e.g., >300 feet loss of WOUS)  N/A  N/A  N/A
 Agency Notification (PCN for RGP 63)  N/A  N/A  N/A  Always
 Tribal Coordination Letters If project would disturb native soils
 Section 106 Consultation Letter If project would disturb native soils OR otherwise affect NRHP-eligible cultural resources within Permit Area
 Section 7 Consultation Letter If project would affect ESA listed species
 Section 7 Consultation Letter (Streamlined) If project would be located within HCP
 EFH Consultation Letter  If project would adversely affect EFH  N/A  N/A - Included with agency notification  N/A - Included with agency notification
 MFR for GPs  Always  N/A  N/A  Always
 MFR for LOPs (SAMP)  N/A  Always  N/A  N/A
 MFR for LOPs (Section 10)  N/A  N/A  Always  N/A
 LOP  N/A  Always  Always  N/A
 FVL for GPs  Always  N/A  N/A  Always

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