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SPL-2013-00848-JEM Heacock Channel Improvement Project - 2/24/2015: Application for Permit Heacock Channel Improvement Project
Expiration date: 3/24/2015

SPL-2013-00495-SAS Otay Ranch Village 8 West - 2/24/2015: Application for Permit Otay Ranch Village 8 West Project
Expiration date: 3/24/2015

SPL-2015-NLH-Sespe Creek - 2/10/2015: PUBLIC NOTICE OF PROPOSED ACTIVITY AND PREPARATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT. This public notice is issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to inform the general public that the Los Angeles District of the Corps is preparing a Supplemental Environmental Assessment in support of the proponent, Ventura County’s request for a Section 408 Permit to modify the existing Federal project, Sespe Creek.
Expiration date: 3/11/2015

SPL-2014-00600-MBT Rose Canyon Fisheries Sustainable Aquaculture Project - 2/9/2015: Application for Permit Rose Canyon Fisheries Sustainable Aquaculture Project
Expiration date: 3/12/2015

SPL-2013-00900-BLR Sunset / Huntington Hrb Maint. Dredging - 2/9/2015: To conduct maintenance dredging of the harbor and install a new waterline under the harbor’s main
Expiration date:

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