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SPL-2013-00756-TS Berths 226-236 [Everport] Container Terminal Improvements Project - 10/23/2014: Application for Permit/Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement/Scoping Meeting
Expiration date: 11/24/2014

SPL-2014-CHB-16-Orange Line Bus Bay at Sepulveda Basin - 10/17/2014: Los Angeles World Airports is requesting approval for an outgrant from the U.S Army Corps of Engineers to construct a bus turnout lane (“Bus Bay”) for an Airport ‘FlyAway bus’ serving between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the San Fernando Valley. The proposed Bus Bay would be constructed on the south side of Victory Boulevard, east of Woodley Avenue. Existing FlyAway buses serving the Van Nuys Airport (VNY) terminal would be used to serve this new FlyAway site.
Expiration date: 11/28/2014

SPL-2014-00636-SJ Clean Water Act Proposed Rule for Definition of Waters of the U.S. - 10/16/2014: Comment period extension for the Clean Water Act Proposed Rule for Definition of Waters of the U.S.
Expiration date: 11/14/2014

SPL-2014-00113-TS Berths 212-224 Yusen Terminals, Inc. [YTI] Container Terminal Project - 10/16/2014: Notice of Availability Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Expiration date: 11/17/2014

SPL-2014-CHB-15-Hansen Dam Overlook Parking Area - Proposed Improvements - 10/10/2014: The Corps invites the general public to submit comments on potential environmental impacts that could result from implementation of the proposal. The public comment period on preparation of an EA and FONSI, for the proposal described above, will extend from October 9 - November 10, 2014, and the Corps will consider all submissions received on or postmarked by August 9.
Expiration date: 11/21/2014

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