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A public notice is the primary method for advising all interested parties of a proposed activity for which a permit is sought. Soliciting comments and information necessary to evaluate the probable impacts on the public interest. Public notices are also published to inform the public about new or proposed regulations, policies, guidance or permit procedures.  

Public Notices published by the Los Angeles District are posted on these three pages. There are two types of Public Notices; Regulatory and Project Public Notices. Comments are due by the expiration date of the public notice. 

Only comments submitted by email or in hard copy format through a delivery service, such as the U.S. Postal Service, can be accepted.   Comments must be submitted to the address listed in the public notice.

Public Notice Manager

2019-001-SDB-OMP Sepulveda Dam Basin O&M Plan

Los Angeles District
Published Nov. 15, 2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) is developing an Operations and Management Plan (OMP) for the Sepulveda Dam Basin pursuant to Engineering Pamphlet 1130-2-550. The OMP is particularly focused on the Operations Area located adjacent to the upstream and downstream toe of the dam. See attached map.  The Corps performs a number of routine operations and maintenance (O&M) activities within this area to maintain optimal flood risk management operations.  Maintenance activities within the areas are generally categorized and characterized as follows:

Mechanical: Maintenance of moving components associated with the inlet works and ancillary functions. Activities are generally located near the control house and inlet works.  Major mechanical systems include slide gates, crest gates, gate chambers, trash racks, overhead cranes, and backup electrical generator.

Electrical: Maintenance of electrical systems supplying power to the infrastructure and mechanical systems.  Activities are generally located near the control house and inlet works.  Major mechanical devices that rely on electrical systems include slide gates, pumps, overhead cranes, lighting, HVAC systems, and emergency backup systems.

Structural: Maintenance of the dam’s physical structure and integrity. Activities are generally located atop or near the dam.  Maintenance activities would typically entail inspection and repair of concrete structures and other types of armored surfaces such as grouted and loose riprap.

Area Wide Non-Technical Maintenance: Areas immediately upstream and downstream of the dam are maintained to establish a proper operational environment. These activities facilitate access, maintain vegetation, provide physical security, and remove debris and sediment from the approach to the inlet works.

The Corps currently performs all routine O&M activities within the Operation Area on an activity-by-activity basis.   The OMP would inventory, characterize, and standardize all routine O&M activities.  The document would be used across all levels of the Corps’ Operations Division from the Chief of Operations to the field staff.  Expected benefits are the efficient delivery of routine O&M services and improved internal coordination.  Furthermore, the OMP would itemize costs for use in budget developments and projections.

No new O&M activities are proposed as part of the OMP. The document would inventory, characterize, and standardize existing routine O&M activities.