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Where do you work?

Transportation and Special Projects Branch in Regulatory Division

What is your job title?

Environmental Protection Specialist/Project Manager

In your own words, what is your job? What do you do?

I evaluate projects that need Section 404 and Section 10 permits [Clean Water Act and Rivers and Harbors Act respectively].

What do you love about your job?

I like working with our partner agencies to come up with solutions to minimize impacts to the aquatic resources. I love when we can work collaboratively to find innovative ways to sustain the environment while facilitating needed infrastructure.

Any special moments/memories about your job you'd like to share?

It's fun to trek to sites that you would never think to visit like small streams hidden in a canyon just off the highway or vast dry desert washes. I have learned so much about Southern California during my time at the Corps even though I was born and raised here. I appreciate So Cal as my home even more.

What do you do to make USACE great?

As part of my job, I represent the Corps to those who I interact with in the public through the implementation of regulatory policy and proceedures.

How long have you worked for the Corps?

4 years