Is the 595 Program Right for You?

1. Is your project located in Arizona or Rural Nevada (Southern Nevada)?

2. Is the project owned by a public entity (i.e. City, Town, Municipality (i.e. Waste Water District, Potable Water District)?

3. Is your project a water-related environmental infrastructure project?

  • Wastewater treatment and related facilities
  • Water supply and related facilities
  • Environmental restoration
  • Surface water resource protection and development

4. The proposed project is NOT or will NOT be connected to another Federal Agency or USACE project.

NOTE: Financial assistance (i.e. Cost Sharing/Grants) from another Federal Agency is authorized.

5. Must provide all lands, easements, rights-of-way, relocations and dredged material disposal areas (LERRDs) needed for project construction and maintenance.

6. Responsible for all project operation, maintenance, repair, replacement and rehabilitation costs when the project is completed.

7. If you answered yes to these questions, then proceed to the Steps for Project Initiation.