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East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration

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LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION: The study area is located offshore of the City of Long Beach, California in the easternmost part of San Pedro Bay.  It includes the area between the Long Beach shoreline and the offshore Middle and Long Beach Breakwaters. The purpose of the study is to evaluate opportunities for providing ecosystem restoration, increased recreational opportunities and other improvements off-shore of the City of Long Beach within East San Pedro Bay.

AUTHORIZATION: Senate resolution Committee on Environmental and Public Works 25 Jun 1969, which is a review of Chiefs Report Los Angeles San Gabriel Rivers Ballona Creek, House Doc #838 76th Congress

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2016: Funding will be used to determine focused array of alternatives and begin alternative formulation analysis for Tentatively Selected Plan (TSP).  Contributed funds will be used to reach the Alternative Milestone.

FY 2017 PLANNED ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Optimal funding would be used to continue feasibility to include achieving Tentative Selected Plan milestone.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION: Intervention is needed to correct deficiencies and restore the environment within the study area.  Otherwise, the degradation of the East San Pedro Bay ecosystem will continue with the existing development, increase to the population and demand for recreational activities in the study area. The standard cost share of the study would be 50/50 with the Federal amount estimated at $1.6 Million. However, the City of Long Beach has provided $1.5M in Accelerated Funds and $750,000 in Contributed Funds to complete much of the Study, reducing the Federal requirement to $907,000. The Study has been re-scoped to meet the 3x3x3 SMART Planning Guidelines. Compliance memo was signed 25 Mar 15. The Accelerated and Contributed Funds FCSA Amendment Congressional Notification was completed July 23, 2015. Approval of FCSA Amendment and execution signed in January 2016.

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Congresspersons Hahn (CA-44) and Lowenthal (CA-47)


  As of: 10 Feb 16


Estimated Federal Cost


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Total Estimated Project Cost


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President's Budget for FY17


House Report for FY17


Senate Report for FY17


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