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Posted 5/26/2017

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By Brooks O. Hubbard IV
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District

TORRANCE, Calif.-The Los Angeles District participated in the City of Torrance’s 58th Annual Armed Forces Day parade here May 20.

The parade is an official Department of Defense event and is the city's way of expressing respect and reverence for the personnel who served in the armed forces, according to the city's website.

The city honored the men and women of our nation's military with a three-day celebration that began on Friday, May 19, and continued through Sunday, May 21.  The parade highlighted this year's honored branch, the United States Air Force. 

The District's new Operations and Maintenance vehicle, operated by Alex Martinez, made its debut appearance and was led by the District’s deputy commander, Maj. Scotty Autin, and several district employees, along with their family members, who walked the 1.5-mile long parade that travelled through the heart of the city.

“I am truly glad to have the opportunity to participate in today’s parade,” said Autin.  “It was pretty amazing to see all of the military units in attendance, as well as our district’s very own “Bobber, the Water Safety Dog.”   

“Bobber” is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers safety mascot. USACE uses “Bobber” to educate children on water safety guidance from the National Water Safety program to be safe in and around water by reminding them to follow his four golden rules:

  • Learn To Swim Well!

  • Don’t swim in water over your head!

  • Always have an adult with you!

  • Wear a Life Jacket!

“This is my second year that I have marched in the parade,” said Delfina Fallin, a field office assistant with the district’s Fort Irwin Resident Office.  “I had a lot of fun as I escorted “Bobber” along the parade route and greeted many kids that were here watching todays parade.”

For more information about “Bobber,” visit the official website at http://www.bobber.info/.

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