Fact Sheet

O&M - Santa Barbara Harbor, CA

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District
Published April 14, 2023

The Harbor is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The project consists of bi-annual maintenance dredging of the Entrance Channel. The Harbor is a Critical Harbor of Refuge for the region. U.S. Coast Guard is stationed in the Harbor, providing homeland security missions. The City of Santa Barbara’s Harbor Patrol also operates in the harbor, providing search and rescue, law enforcement operations, and support to the homeland security mission. The harbor is also home for commercial fishing, sport fishing, extensive commercial charter services, and a NOAA research vessel. AUTHORIZATION: Rivers and Harbors Act of 1935, 1945 (amended 1976)

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2023: Funds will be used for critical dredging of entrance channel, conduct hydrographic surveys.

FY 2024 PLANNED ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Optimal funds could be used for 2-cycles of dredging (DEC 23 and APR 24). Funds will also be used to perform pre and post dredge hydrographic surveys.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION: Frequent and rapid shoaling of the entrance is a major problem in Santa Barbara, requiring bi-annual dredging. Emergency oil spill containment vessels and the U.S. Coast Guard must use other Harbors when the Harbor closes due to shoaling.

New 3-year contract advertised in DEC 22. With late timing of contract award, SPL and local sponsor are weighing options to have 1 large dredge event in MAR/APR rather than the typical 2 dredge cycles in FY23.

As of 1 Mar 23

Estimated Federal Cost              $3,009,600

Estimated Non-Federal Cost                $0
Total Estimated Project Cost           $3,009,600
Allocation thru FY22               $9,463,8000

President’s Budget FY23            $3,009,600 1/
Conference Add for FY23                 $0
Approved IIJA FY23                    $0
Workplan for FY23                    $0
President’s Budget for FY24           $3,009,600 2/

Workplan for FY24                    TBD
Balance to Complete After FY24             N/A

1/ Decreased by 1% from $3,040,000
2/ Decreased by 1% from $3,040,000

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Senators Butler and Padilla; Representative Carbajal (CA-24)

Congressional Liaison