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Posted 3/14/2017

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By Jay Field

OXNARD, Calif.--The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District completed maintenance dredging at Channel Islands Harbor here Feb. 27 after beginning work in late December 2016.

A $9.45 million contract was awarded to Seattle-based Manson Construction, whose hydraulic cutter-head suction dredge, H.R. Morris, dug up 1.54 million cubic yards of sediment from the harbor entrance and sand trap. The material was then piped to and placed on nearby beaches.

"This project is vital to maintaining safe navigation in and out of Channel Islands Harbor and to maintaining the downcoast beaches that would otherwise be lost to erosion," said Jeff Cole, Corps project manager.

The Corps typically dredges every two years under legislation that authorized the small craft harbor and sand trap to be built in the early 1960s. The harbor was designed to trap sand to prevent loss to the submarine canyon off of Port Hueneme and to provide dredged material for beach replenishment for downcoast beaches.

Channel Islands Harbor Director Lyn Krieger and Los Angeles District Commander Col. Kirk Gibbs visited the operation Feb. 14 to observe the work.

"Everything has gone so smoothly," said Krieger. "We've had very little down time that the yardage [sediment] has moved like water. It's great!"

"Channel Islands Harbor is a great partner and works closely with our staff, and that's critical," said Gibbs. "Between the contractor, the non-federal sponsor and us, this is a great operation and is important to our mission. And I think this area, more than anything, keeps our reputation in our navigation mission strong."

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