Fact Sheet

  • Alamo Dam Water Control Plan

    Alamo Dam’s current 2003 Water Control Manual contains a Water Control Plan and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Biological Opinion (BIOP) developed in 1999. The Water Control Manual is the Corps guiding document on how the project holds and releases water from Alamo Reservoir to meet its congressionally authorized purposes. To fix or clarify certain issues as well as address changed circumstances the Corps intends to re-evaluate existing operations at Alamo Dam to determine if changes to the Water Control Plan – and thus changes to how Alamo Dam is operated - are warranted.
  • Los Angeles River Levee Wall Repairs

    The Corps awarded a contract for like-for-like repair of damaged embankment and levee toe within the Glendale Narrows section of the Los Angeles River Flood Control Channel at Reach 4D.
  • Los Angeles River Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to frequently asked questions regarding current projects and recreation along the Los Angeles River.
  • Los Angeles River Active and Upcoming Projects

    Current and upcoming projects along the Los Angeles River.
  • Whittier Narrows Dam Recreational Opportunities

    The areas available for recreational opportunities have been grouped into four recreation areas, Recreation Area A – E. The majority of the recreational opportunities in the Whitter Narrows Basin are on land leased to Los Angeles County. Information on reservations, park amenities, and operating hours of the recreational opportunities at Whittier Narrows can be found at the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation Whittier Narrows webpage.
  • Sepulveda Dam Recreational Opportunities

    The Corps strives to balance flood risk management, recreational opportunities, and preservation of natural resources for current and future generations. At Sepulveda Dam, recreation includes a total of 234.6 acres.
  • Hansen Dam Recreational Opportunities

    The majority of the recreational opportunities in the Hansen Dam Basin are on land leased to the City of Los Angeles. Up to date information on recreational opportunities, park amenities, and operating hours can be found at the City of Los Angeles Hansen Dam Recreation Center webpage.
  • Santa Fe Dam Recreational Opportunities

    Santa Fe Dam and Reservoir contains recreational opportunities available to the public, such as a lake, picnic areas, a swimming area, boat launching ramp, tent camping area, equestrian staging area, outdoor performing arts center, nature trail, and fishing pier.
  • Whittier Narrows Dam receives DSAC 1 designation

    Whittier Narrows Dam, a typically dry flood risk management structure located 11 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, has been reclassified from Dam Safety Action Classification 2 to DSAC 1.