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Position 4: Nogales Wash Emergency Flood Fight

Published July 30, 2017
LOCATION: The proposed action is located within the vicinity of Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

PROPOSED PROJECT: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) proposes to undertake flood fights at a location hereby termed Position 4:

  • P4: Proposed work at P4 work entails protection of abutments of the Donna Bridge located on West Produce Road where it crosses Nogales Wash at approximately 31° 22'44.86'' N and 110°56'24.51'' W. Minor temporary repairs of the bridge abutment have been implemented by local entities, and include minor structural stabilization, but further work is required to protect the bridge. The proposed construction effort includes filling a void behind the temporary repair structure to tie the structure to the bridge abutment.
    The proposed action is expected to be underway starting July 30, 2017.

BACKGROUND AND AUTHORITY: Recent flows from summer monsoon rains have eroded embankments at a number of locations within Nogales Wash, exposing and threatening critical infrastructure and property in and within the vicinity of Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Arizona. Additional flows from monsoon rains occurred on 28 July and are expected to continue through early August, 2017. In response, Gov. Ducey of Arizona requested emergency flood fight assistance from the Corps. The Corps is authorized under Public Law 84-99 (33 United States Code §701n) to undertake emergency operations and provide flood fight assistance.

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