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Alamo Lake approaching water surface elevation 1125 feet

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District
Published March 15, 2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District manages the Alamo Dam to reduce flood concerns of Alamo Lake.

Alamo Dam is located on the Bill Williams River, 39 miles upstream from the Colorado River at Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Corps staff is reporting the lake elevation is currently at 1120 feet ... just five feet below the target lake elevation of 1125. 

Moderate rain events in the watershed can cause the lake to increase by 10 ft., or more, in as little as a day. 

Normal base flow releases from the dam are 25-40 cubic feet per second.  Between elevation 1125 and 1126 ft., releases will transition to 1,000 CFS.  

Once the water surface elevation goes above 1126 ft., the water control plan calls for releases to increase by 1,000 CFS for every one foot of rise, up to a maximum release of 7,000 CFS once an elevation of 1,132 ft., is reached. 

When the WSE goes back down and reaches its target elevation of 1125 ft., base flow releases of 25-40 CFS would resume. 

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