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Corps to continue studying Santa Fe Dam

Published Jan. 28, 2011
LOS ANGELES - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District is scheduled to conduct a detailed study of the Santa Fe Dam in September following an initial screening process that revealed potential problems with the dam.

Santa Fe Dam received a Dam Safety Classification II (DSAC II) rating after a nationwide Corps inventory of all its dams. Under current Corps classifications, DSAC II dams are those which are deemed “Unsafe or Potentially Unsafe” and for which work is determined to be urgent. DSAC ratings are being used to set national priorities for dam repairs.

“Public safety remains our number one priority,” said Rick Leifield, chief of the District’s Engineering Division.

“We can now prioritize dam safety issues to correct deficiencies,” said Leifield.

The Corps is implementing interim measures to reduce public risk. These steps include inspection and monitoring during periods of an increasing pool elevation, flood mapping, emergency action plan updates and coordination with local agencies.

Nationwide, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns and operates 654 dams serving a variety of purposes, including navigation, flood damage reduction, water supply, irrigation, hydropower, recreation, environmental enhancement and combinations of these purposes. As part of its responsibility in managing these dams, the Corps began a comprehensive Dam Safety Program with public safety as its primary objective. Corps dams are routinely inspected and continually evaluated for safety.

For additional information about the Santa Fe Dam Safety Program, please visit the L.A. District’s website at
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