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LA District awards contract for Nogales Bridge

Published Sept. 25, 2013

NOGALES, Ariz. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District has awarded a contract Sept. 20 for $3,989,708.37 to West Point Contractors, Inc. to construct a replacement bridge over Nogales Wash.

“Passage across the Nogales Wash on Old Tucson Road has been unavailable for the past five years, so we hope that the construction goes smoothly and that access is restored quickly,” said Rudy Molera, a member of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. “Santa Cruz County is pleased that the bridge replacement project is finally proceeding to the construction phase. The residents and business community affected by the lack of a bridge over Nogales Wash have been very patient and deserve our thanks.”

According to Drew Savage, the project manager for the Los Angeles District, the work and services for the project consist of construction of a two-span precast-prestressed concrete I-girder superstructure bridge across the Chula Vista Channel in Nogales, Arizona along with associated roadway and channel improvements. 

“Roadway improvements consist of modification of the Old Tucson Road, Chula Vista Lane and Monte Vista Drive to accommodate the new bridge alignment,” Savage explained. “Channel improvements consist of constructing approximately 50 feet of grouted stone banks and bottom to provide scour protection to the new bridge abutments and roadways.”

Joel Alley, Vice President for West Point Contractors said he is pleased for the chance to work on this project.

"West Point Contractors, Inc. is proud to have the opportunity to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the Nogales Wash Bridge project, he said. “[We look] forward to being a part of the team that will provide better access for the community; utilizing local suppliers, subcontractors, and worker force to accomplish a successful project."

The project is located in southern Arizona in the central and northern portions of the city of Nogales, about 60 miles south of Tucson. When constructed, the bridge project will restore access across Nogales Wash, provide capacity in the channel for the existing water flow of 4,000 cubic feet per second, and protect the existing 30-inch sewer line in place.

Savage said the project will begin construction in October and he expects to be complete in June 2014.

Daniel J. Calderón

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