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Corps awards Prado Dam paint removal contract

Published Oct. 7, 2014

LOS ANGELES – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $364,620 contract Sept. 25 to OTIE Enterprises of Milwaukee, Wisc., to remove lead-based paint and graffiti from the face of the Prado Dam spillway.

OTIE is in the process of developing its work plan that will include a schedule and a proposed start of work. The Corps expects to review and finalize the work plan by December.

At this time, removal is proposed for spring 2015 due to the National Weather Service forecast of an El Nino year. Work is scheduled for completion by Sept. 30, 2015.

The contract calls for all paint material to be removed from the spillway face. OTIE will use an ultra-high pressure hydro blasting unit with a vacuum recovery shroud to conduct multiple passes across to the spillway face. The unit's design includes a fully integrated vacuum recovery assembly for the containment and collection of water and debris, eliminating the emission of dust and debris. As the debris from the UHP reaches the vacuum, it will go into containers equipped with filter bags to capture the solids. The liquid from the removal process will continue through the filter into the 500 gallon vacuum tank on the unit. Once the vacuum unit reaches capacity the water will be pumped into 330-gallon container for settling.

Settling containers will be staged onsite. After the fine particles have settled out, the water will be pumped through a fine-filter for re-use in the removal process.

Pending analytical results, the place of final disposition will be determined. Permitted Transfer Storage and Disposal Facilities are included for receipt of the wastes (liquids and solids) as necessary to address the material. All separated solids and final 'spent' liquids will be prepared in the appropriate shipping containers for transport off-site and final disposition.

Greg Fuderer

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