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Corps’ Reservoir Operations Center staffed for Winter storm

Published Jan. 5, 2016

LOS ANGELES – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District’s Reservoir Operations Center is operating Jan. 5 in response to the winter storms in Southern California and to minimize the risk of flooding.

 “Right now the rain is moderate and has not really affected our areas of operation, but we will continue to monitor in the event that changes,” said Van Crisostomo, Chief, Reservoir Operations Center.

 Water managers in the ROC monitor real-time data showing water levels at Corps dams, rainfall and river flow. Based on that real-time information and weather forecasts, the managers follow operating guidelines to determine optimal flow releases.

 Additionally, dam tenders were dispatched early today to Prado, Sepulveda, Whittier Narrows, Brea and Fullerton dams to monitor the weather situation as it pertains to each dam.  In the event of a significant amount of rainfall and the ROC will take the appropriate steps to ensure each dam perform as designed.   

 Tenders will monitor the collection of flood runoff from the drainage areas upstream, store it temporarily, and release it into the rivers at rates that do not exceed the downstream channel capacity.  While the risk of flooding cannot be completely eliminated, these projects minimize it, protecting homes and businesses. 

 As always, the Corps recommends people who are living near a dam or levee should know their risk, make a plan for the risk of being flooded and consider obtaining flood insurance.

 The Los Angeles District recognizes the severe drought situation in Southern California and is supporting water conservation efforts. The Corps is storing water at the Prado and Whittier Narrows dam basins to the greatest extent possible to help water retention basins soak in this rain.

 In the meantime, ROC staff is closely monitoring reports from the National Weather Service.

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