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Oceanside Harbor dredging update

Published Sept. 15, 2016

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Navigational dredging within Oceanside Harbor continued this week with the contractor, CJW Construction, reporting having removed approximately 5,000 cubic yards of material from the harbor’s entrance channels from September 8 through 14. CJW reports six-days lost to large ocean swells in this reporting period.   

Since operations began on June 6, CJW reports having dredged roughly 180,670 cubic yards of the 260,000 cubic yards designated for removal. 

The Oceanside Harbor navigational dredging project is an annual project conducted to maintain the federal channels within Oceanside Harbor at their authorized federal depth and to provide safe navigation for the recreational, commercial and military vessels that use the channels. Oceanside Harbor is one of four annual dredging projects conducted by the Los Angeles District. 

Material dredged from the entrance channels is being placed along Oceanside’s beach. Placement of beach quality material along the shoreline is a beneficial byproduct of the maintenance dredging project. CJW is currently discharging material just north of the Oceanside pier.

Greg Fuderer

Release no. 016-32