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  • October

    Corps participates in mitigation bank opening in north Los Angeles County

    Federal, state and local officials celebrated the grand opening Oct. 7 of the Petersen Ranch Mitigation Bank, an effort that will eventually restore about 4000 acres of native wetland habitat along the San Andreas Fault rift zone in the Leona Valley north of Los Angeles.
  • The LA River and the Corps: A brief history

    The Los Angeles River is regarded as an icon of LA’s sprawling hyperurbanization. To some, it’s nothing more than a part of the landscape that splits the concrete jungle in two. To others, it’s an eyesore; a resplendent piece of nature stunted in a tomb of steel and cement. But the 51-mile-long river wasn’t always a flood control channel.
  • August

    Colorado Lagoon takes second step toward restoration

    The third and final phase, anticipated to occur in the next five years, will construct an open water conveyance between the lagoon and the adjacent Marine Stadium Park, and the Pacific Ocean, to reestablish a more natural tidal flow.