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Oceanside harbor dredging begins

Published April 13, 2017

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – The annual Oceanside Harbor dredging project is underway, with Manson Construction Company having moved its equipment to the site and begun the process of assembling the pipeline that will transport material from the harbor’s entrance to points south along Oceanside’s beach. Dredging operations are scheduled to begin Monday, April 17.

The dredging contract calls for the removal of 280,000 cubic yards of material from the harbor’s entrance channel and will be modified for any additional quantities available.

Manson Construction has successfully dredged Oceanside Harbor in the past, and Corps officials anticipate no difficulties meeting the Memorial Day completion date.

The Corps and the project’s local sponsor, the City of Oceanside, remind the public to exercise caution when near the dredge, pipeline and other construction equipment.

Boaters are reminded to conform to all Coast Guard and local boating safety requirements when in the vicinity of the dredge and other maritime equipment. Manson will station safety monitors on the beach when beach equipment is in use.

Greg Fuderer

Release no. 17-007