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Corps activates operations center during storm to reduce flood risk

Published Jan. 20, 2017

LOS ANGELES - The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District activated a 24-hour watch in its Reservoir Operations Center in anticipation of excessive rainfall from storms across Southern California over the weekend. Staff will monitor rain forecasts, river flows and the amount of water temporarily stored in Corps basins. The ROC monitors the height of water behind dams and the flows into the channels and adjacent to levees, and decides if there is a need to increase or decrease those levels by holding or releasing water.

Coordination with our partners includes frequent notification of project conditions at our dams, levees and channels, and local entities use this information to evaluate and implement safety measures.

Flood control structures reduce risk, but they don’t eliminate it. We want those who rely on these structures to know their risk, know their role and take appropriate action to reduce their flood risk through prudent evacuation planning and by obtaining flood insurance.

With the National Weather Service forecast predicting up to 6 inches of rain over the weekend, it's crucial to be alert and listen to authorities if told to evacuate. Never drive through flooded streets or roads; more people are trapped and die in their vehicles than anywhere else during floods. Being prepared for a flood can not only help keep your family safe, it can also help minimize potential flood damage and accelerate recovery efforts.

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